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The Breast Reconstruction Guidebook 
Issues and Answers from Research to Recovery

The Rx for understanding mastectomy and reconstruction

Unbiased. Comprehensive. And written in plain English.

Everyone of my breast reconstruction patients, no matter what type of reconstruction planned, gets a copy. This book is equally valuable for spouses and family as well, keeps them informed and allows them to better anticipate what to expect during the reconstructive process.

Michel Saint-Cyr, MD, FRCS, Mayo Clinic

The Breast Reconstruction Guidebook by Kathy Steligo is the clearest, most comprehensive source available to anyone interested in breast reconstruction. Women facing breast cancer are bombarded with information that they need to understand and act on. Thank you, Kathy, for creating a resource where all of the vital information needed to make critical decisions is compiled in a concise, straightforward, and completely understandable guidebook. The Breast Reconstruction Guidebook is essential reading for anyone touched by breast cancer.
Joshua L. Levine, M.D., The New York Center for the Advancement of Breast Reconstruction

The single most important resource for anyone who is considering mastectomy, with or without reconstruction. Balanced, honest, and up to date, it is highly recommended by FORCE. This book will empower women to decide for themselves what their best course of action will be.
Sue Friedman, DVM, Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered (FORCE)

In a constantly evolving specialty, being up to date is critical—and this book is exactly that. It is an essential read for all patients and health care providers.
Maurice Nahabedian, M.D., FACS, Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins University

The Breast Reconstruction Guidebook has been used at the Texas Center for Breast Reconstruction for years now. It provides a complete and detailed explanation of the various breast reconstruction options for patients and has been of tremendous benefit to our patients. There are few such comprehensive sources available and it is one of the best.
Frederick J. Duffy, Jr. MD, FACS, Texas Center for Breast Reconstruction

This is an invaluable guide for anyone navigating what is likely the most fearful journey of their lives. This comprehensive resource presents the latest reconstructive options in a very thoughtful and easy-to-understand way, provides much needed hope, and helps alleviate the overwhelming confusion often felt by those facing breast cancer surgery. This latest edition is an excellent update of an already phenomenal book.
Minas Chrysopoulo, MD, PRMA Plastic Surgery

My patients have found the guide to be an extremely useful resource for their reconstructive journey. It does an excellent job of empowering them to make good decisions about their options following mastectomy.
Brice W. McKane, MD, FACS, Texas Center for Breast Reconstruction

6 x 9" paperback
272 pages
83 illustrations and photos
ISBN: 978-1421407203

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"Walks the reader through the entire decision-making process." MAMM Magazine

The long-awaited third edition of The Breast Reconstruction Guidebook will help you understand what to expect from mastectomy, sort through the beneifts and limitations of reconstructive procedures, and decide which, if any, reconstruction is right for you.

You'll discover:
-How mastectomy is performed and how it affects reconstruction
-The advantages and disadvantages of different procedures
-How to decide when your breast can be recreated
-How to assess different options and choose the one that is right for you
-How to find a plastic surgeon with appropriate experience
-How to deal with your insurance company
-How to prepare for surgery and plan for recovery
-How to restore your strength and mobility
-How to take action if you're unhappy with your results

New in this edition:
-the pros and cons of saline and silicone implants
- solutions for post-lumpectomy cosmetic problems
-new immediate-delayed reconstruction when post-mastectomy radiation may be required
-the benefits and limitations of nipple-sparing mastectomy
-considerations for direct-to-implant reconstruction
-newly developed tissue flap procedures
-who can best apply nipple and areola tattoos and why tattoos may not last
-enriching fat with stem cells so it stays in the breast
-patient-controlled tissue expansion
-how to handle health insurance denials and appeals
-how insurance and health care reform affect reconstruction


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